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About me

I'm a full stack geek with a lot of love for latest technologies. Experienced in Ionic Framework, ASP.NET, JAVA/Android and UI/UX Designing. I’m an excellent communicator and focus on using my interpersonal skills to build state-of-the-art softwares and user interfaces!


Assistant Software Engineer

August 2017 - Present
CureMD Research and Development

Web Developer

October 2015 – June 2017
Aik Pencil UX, Lahore

While working here, I developed the website from scratch. Along with designing User Interfaces and User Experiences for multiple projects.

Lead Developer

2016 – 2017
PUCIT ACM Student Chapter

Acting as a Lead Developer, my job was to supervise the creation and maintenance of PASC's website built on Wordpress CMS.

Graphic Designer

2015 – 2016
PUCIT ACM Student Chapter

As a Graphic Designer, my job at PASC was to design eye-catching designs that represented the chapter and it’s ideology for various. Events as big as SoftExpo’16.

UI/UX Designer

July 2015 – October 2015
Trequant | Incubated in Plan9, Lahore, Pakistan

At Trequant, my job was to create the interface for their Bio-tech prototype - which consisted of a wrist-watch. Also, my job was to make designs for their Social Media Marketing campaign and for their website.

Web Development Intern

September 2013 – March 2014
Geniusity, Lahore

While working for Geniusity, I learned languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also had my Graphics designing training and worked my way towards the field of UI/UX Development.

Content Generation and Designing

April 2014 – February 2015
Humans of PUCIT, Lahore

It was a personal project that served as an online publication and focused on the ins-and-outs of my University. My job was to conduct interviews, generate content and make designs.


Here are some of my projects.

Aik Pencil UX - AIK PENCIL UX is a UI/UX Agency that deals with designing and development of web and mobile interfaces.
Snazzout - A hybrid application, made on Ionic Framework that allows users to search different brands, rate/review them and stay updated to their latest news.
PASC Website - PUCIT ACM Student Chapter Website for thier Events/Contact/Updates and Team information.
UI/UX/Designing Projects - Some of my UI/UX and Designing related work on Behance.
Feedbot - A very standard news publication website, developed on ASP.NET that allows the users to select from predefined categories and get news related to those categories.
WebDealer Solutions INC - Static website made for a Canadian Firm, mainly using Pure JavaScript, HTML, CSS 3 and Twitter Bootstrap.
CodePotato - A blog website made with Ruby using Jekyll mainly used to publish all my articles, video tutorials and Free Web Templates.
Order Kr - A food ordering Android App and Admin Dashboard made in Ionic Frameword and ASP .NET respectively.
Safarnama - A quotations websites based on the writings of a local writer created in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap.

Development Skills




Ionic Framework







Giving back to the developer community!

Here are some blogs, articles, video tutorials and Web Templates that I made to help the beginners in Development/Designing field. Trying to give something back to the community!

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Blog’s Home | A free HTML/CSS Resource

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How to get started with AngularJS

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Post Cards | A free HTML/CSS Resource

In this article, I’m publishing yet another free HTML/CSS Template that I coded for a personal project.


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Periscope Parallax Concept

Fire up the old periscope that let’s you see the world outside your submarine.


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